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Christmas in Miami Designing

Christmas in the South is not the same as the North. I am originally from New York and I have to say that I do miss the snow-white Christmas, the aroma of roasted peanuts and the busy city street noise. Although much time has passed by since I last visited my home town, I still have clear memories of this event.

Even though I miss the Christmas events in New York, I do not miss the cold weather. I have vivid memories of having to walk for many miles in the freezing weather just to get a glimpse of the Christmas displays on 5th Avenue. There was so much traffic, so many people walking, or better said, racing back and forth. The uncomfortable feeling of being cramped in layers of clothing and the holiday rush really took a toll on my emotions. One moment of excitement at the sight of the beautiful and almost realistic Christmas displays, and then a moment of disappointment at having to face the cold wind slap me in the cheek.

Now… Miami is a soothing and relaxing place to live. Its morning sunshine, the aqua ocean water and beautiful art deco colored city streets are amazing in itself. In Winter time, the air cools off at night and the days are warm and sunny. Although we do have some evening rush hours, they are no way compared to the hustle and bustle of New York City. Beach time on Saturdays is a delight and seashell picking is one of my daughter’s most loved moments on the beach.

I am amazed with the aqua and sea green colors. This year I decided to use the blues in my Holiday jewelry as a reminder of the Christmas Holiday and Miami weather combined. I have prepped and prepared for Christmas this year and finally have some amazing items on display at my Catilla store. Sparkled Starfish Tree Ornaments, sparkled handmade resin stars, buttons and seashells and many other unique items are part of our Christmas collection.

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who is catz-kato?

Hi, I am Cat Padilla, Jewelry Designer of Catz-Kato Designs. Catz-Kato Designs is my Jewelry Design Business where I get to express my love for fashion and nature. My inspiration comes from nature and earthy objects such as earth’s foliage, flowers, branches, twigs, trees, and even birds. Catz-Kato originated in Miami, Florida and the name takes after our nicknames when growing up. My family always called me Cat and my husband is Kato.

I lived my childhood in New York up until I turned 26. I have always had a passion and desire to design. The fashion industry always called out to me. I remember when I worked in the Central Park area, how I always dressed to impress and carefully chose my clothes with a fashionable style. I would shop anywhere and at anytime. New York has the best shops! At the age of 26 I re-located to Miami, Florida. My opportunity to stay at home with my children gave me time to reflect on what I really wanted to accomplish and evolved me to express myself through designing. I now have several years in jewelry design and prior to designing jewelry I experimented with clothing design and t-shirt beading.

I specialize in creating timeless jewelry pieces that are warm, casual and classy. Every piece I design is carefully thought of and is designed with my best workmanship.
I am continually on the hunt for new and intriguing elements to use in my designs. I work most of my sales on the web and through personal relationships. Many of my pieces, I have sold on Etsy.com, Erayo.com, West Elm Miami Store, Office Buildings and Festivals throughout Miami.

“I love what I do and I do it with much enthusiasm!”

Best, Cat

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