What is described as unique? Unique is something that is not common. Something special and intriguing.
How often do you come across something that is unique and eye-catching but then realize that everyone one else has it.

Our Catilla Jewelry Collection is unique, special and intriguing. It is nature inspired, made by hand jewelry that can be worn as casual or dressed up. The best part is that very few pieces are reproduced. Enjoy the uniqueness of Catilla by Cat Padilla.

Embrace the beauty of nature with these handmade timeless jewelry pieces made with lots of love and detail. Fine quality jewelry for all occasions.

We use fine quality materials to design our jewelry such as the Cultivated Freshwater Pearl, Swarovski Crystal Pearls and Crystals, Precious and Semi precious stones, Czech Glass, Handmade Ceramic, Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, high quality Matte Gold Plated Brass and Pewter Components. Custom Made Orders: Custom Made Bridal Jewelry orders are welcomed.

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