who is catz-kato?

Hi, I am Cat Padilla, Jewelry Designer of Catz-Kato Designs. Catz-Kato Designs is my Jewelry Design Business where I get to express my love for fashion and nature. My inspiration comes from nature and earthy objects such as earth’s foliage, flowers, branches, twigs, trees, and even birds. Catz-Kato originated in Miami, Florida and the name takes after our nicknames when growing up. My family always called me Cat and my husband is Kato.

I lived my childhood in New York up until I turned 26. I have always had a passion and desire to design. The fashion industry always called out to me. I remember when I worked in the Central Park area, how I always dressed to impress and carefully chose my clothes with a fashionable style. I would shop anywhere and at anytime. New York has the best shops! At the age of 26 I re-located to Miami, Florida. My opportunity to stay at home with my children gave me time to reflect on what I really wanted to accomplish and evolved me to express myself through designing. I now have several years in jewelry design and prior to designing jewelry I experimented with clothing design and t-shirt beading.

I specialize in creating timeless jewelry pieces that are warm, casual and classy. Every piece I design is carefully thought of and is designed with my best workmanship.
I am continually on the hunt for new and intriguing elements to use in my designs. I work most of my sales on the web and through personal relationships. Many of my pieces, I have sold on Etsy.com, Erayo.com, West Elm Miami Store, Office Buildings and Festivals throughout Miami.

“I love what I do and I do it with much enthusiasm!”

Best, Cat

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