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Our Catilla Shop

Our Catilla Shop

Catz-Kato Designs would like to introduce you to our design shop of selective jewelry pieces.  Our Catz-Kato Designs Store at http://www.catz-katodesigns.com has a wider variety of great jewelry for sale.  We accept payments through Pay Pal.

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Twigs are Cool

Twigs are not only found on brittle branches and on fallen Autumn leaves. Twigs are hanging in cool places.

Enjoy wearing these Urban Twig Dangle Earrings on a fun day at the park or at an evening party. Dress them up or wear them down.

TWIG DANGLE EARRINGS BY CATZ-KATO DESIGNS. Silver Pewter Twigs with Pink Czech Glass or Topaz Cubic Zirconium teardrop. Available for purchase at http://www.catilla.etsy.com.


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My New Blooms Photography

When planning for a fun day at the park with children, the lunch pack is a must essential. I packed the sandwiches and goodies for in between playtime and filled up the water bottle to the rim. My lovely girls packed their own personal bags and added the kite and soon were on their way to an adventure. As I reviewed all of the packed items, I could not forget my own personal item that accompanies me wherever I go. My Canon Rebel Camera! I love the sound of that name because I too can be a rebel sometimes when it comes to shooting pictures. Although I do not consider myself a professional photographer, I have been told that I can catch a glimpse of lovelies through my lens. I enjoy the outdoors and even though it was just a day at the park, I considered it an opportunity to capture the awesomeness of nature around us. Lovely flowers and foliage hold a special place in my heart and I often use them in my handcrafted jewelry designs. But today I was not designing and on this awesome day I caught sight of these lovely new blooms. They may be amateur shots but to me, it is beauty.


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Spring time flowers, blossoms, pinks and faceted rocks are what we are into this season. CATILLA COLLECTION, MATTE BLOSSOM FLOWERS WITH FACETED CHALCEDONY STONES. Combine these beautiful accessories with loose flowing dresses and pretty hairpins. Exclusively at http://www.catz-katodesigns.com.

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