Breathe Cat Breathe and Relax

Ever so often, I like to share with my viewers, my customers, my peers and my friends an experience. Here it is…
It all began at forty. I often found myself repeating breathe cat breathe. Was something changing without me noticing. “No ridiculous”, I would say. But I am such an active person, with two tiny persons to watch over, a house to clean, a career to keep up with and a handsome husband to love on. “No, energy levels cannot be low, joints cannot be losing cushion and roller coaster emotions are just lack of sleep”. But, then I would here those words again, breathe Cat breathe pounding at my ears and at my heart. Okay I never had to repeat that so much before. Well, after several visits to my doctor, I found that I was not hearing things but just under a little bit of stress and of course, my body and emotions were changing. I had a wellness coach call me to give me tips on keeping stress levels low and the first words that came out of her mouth were, “you need to do breathing exercises”. Well to me I was breathing and I was alive. That is not the kind of breathing she was referring to. Real breathing is taking deep long breaths using your diaphragm and slowly releasing the air. I knew that breathing alone would not to do the job at keeping me calm. The only remedy that truly worked for me was to rely on the One true person that I could always trust on, “GOD”. I soon after began to ask Him, “God you teach me how to breathe.” By reading God’s word and by asking for ways to rest and relax in Him, was the one right way to keep the roller coaster emotions at bay. I spent many late nights designing and found that rest was key to a productive day. I also discovered, that we will not be young forever and our bodies do change. I also learned that kids will always be kids. When I feel a bit of stress, I climb on the cycling machine and lay flat on the floor and stretch my joints to the max and then I breathe in God.

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