The Mystery of the Nike Sneakers

Every so often I love to write about something that absolutely amazes me in some way. Well I actually had one of those moments a few days ago. Every school day morning, I have to drive by this alleyway street that leads to my daughter’s school. Every day it’s the same road and the same routine but this day was different. What was surprising to me was the object in the middle of the road that caught my attention. A pair of Nike sneakers on the ground in the very middle of this road as if strategically placed there. Drivers were actually swerving to the side to avoid trampling over the Nike sneakers. I found this so amusing and I too was one of those car drivers that swerved towards the side to miss hitting these sneakers. My daughters and I laughed at the whole scenery. We began to discuss the possible happenings of the Nike sneakers. Did someone stop by the road in and attempt to put on their sneakers and actually forgot that they were there? Did someone purposely leave them there and was probably hiding by the bushes watching every passerby. I hurried to my daughter’s school and on the way back I was so impelled to take a picture of these sneakers. I was also regretting not having my professional camera with me so I was forced to use my cell phone camera. What really impelled me to write about this is the fact that they were Nike sneakers. You see about two weeks ago as I was reading several articles on Word Press I came across a Blog that caught my attention. I guess the mystery of the Nike sneakers made me think of this writer The writer loves Nike sneakers so much that she dedicated her entire blog to writing about and capturing some amazing photos with her Nike sneakers. I have always loved the Nike brand and I actually have several Nike sports clothing that I wear to the gym. I must tell you that I have never seen someone love Nike like she does. She has a way of combining her outfits with a different pair of Nike sneakers. The best part of it is that she is actually very creative at combining some trendy outfits with her sneakers. I am not sure if I will get away with wearing one of these outfits, but she does. Later on that day, someone eventually moved the Nike sneakers or placed them in the nearby dumpster. My daughters and I actually felt the absence of the Nike sneakers and now every time we pass by this road we will always remember the mystery of the Nike sneakers and chuckle.

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2 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Nike Sneakers

  1. jennifermdarling says:

    Thanks so much for the mention!
    This is such a funny, thought provoking story. 🙂

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